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GoGo Penguin

The members stayed locked in their grooves, three young men making music with jazz instruments, rock dynamics and circumscribed dance-music strategies. New York Times

GoGo Penguin are drummer Rob Turner, double bassist Nick Blacka and pianist Chris Illingworth. Their trademark mash-up of minimalist piano themes, deeply propulsive bass lines and electronica-inspired drums has seen them shortlisted for the Mercury Prize, signed to a three-album deal by Blue Note Records and fuelled their exhilarating live shows from Manchester to Montreal and Paris to London.

Their music draws from many areas of contemporary electronic music, one where you can hear arcade game bleeps, glitchy breakbeats, hypnotic Aphex-style melodies, grinding bass lines and a rumbling low-end. It has been described as “acoustic electronica”, a term which perfectly sums up their modus operandi. And it is their ability to synthesis the seemingly disparate influences of electronica, jazz and classical music into their own unique musical DNA that gives GoGo Penguin such an instantly recognisable and compelling sound.

Their latest release is the EP, Live At Abbey Road EP, which features three tracks from their Man Made Object album (Branches Break, Initiate, GBFISYSIH) the EP and the recording debut of Ocean In A Drop an extract from their live score for Godfrey Reggio’s cult film Koyaanisqatsi. Originally released as a limited edition 10” for Record Store Day 2016 the digital version is released to co-incide with the band’s SXSW showcase on March 15, 2017.

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Photo Credit: Emily Dennison & Manox

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