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Chasing the Whale

‘Chasing the Whale’ UK Tour Dates

featuring Kings of the South Seas

A whaler’s life from the era of Moby Dick brought to life through music, narration and film.

Fri 1 April – LONDON Cutty Sark Studio Theatre

Sat 2 April – BARTON UPON HUMBER Ropery Hall

Sun 3 April – BRISTOL Arnolfini

Mon 4 April – EXETER Phoenix

Tues 5 April – GRAVESEND, St Andrews

Wed 6 April – BASINGSTOKE The Forge at The Anvil

“uproariously rousing and darkly disturbing”  The Guardian

Chasing the Whale brings six distinctive and hugely talented artists together for a journey into the bawdy and thrilling world of the early whalers. Acclaimed Folk / Indie / Jazz trio Kings of the South Seas, (whose debut album of the same name was released in 2015) are joined by traditional ‘shape-note’ singer/musician from New England, Tim Eriksen. On stage they perform stunning new arrangements of traditional song that merge folk, jazz, music hall and rock, woven together by award-winning author Philip Hoare’s captivating tales (both historical, but also his own extraordinary experiences of swimming alongside whales around the globe) and Adam Clitheroe’s film portraying the powerful imagery of these voyages.

To make a deeper connection with these extraordinary times, the majority of these live performances take place in locations with a whaling history. Whaling ships set off from Gravesend where the performance takes place in a fisherman’s chapel and the ropes for the whaling industry were made in Barton upon Humber. Both Exeter and Bristol have a whaling industry and there’s still whale oil deposited in the ground under new flats in the latter. London itself was once a thriving whaling port, boasting the Greenland Dock, the largest of its kind in the world, which supplied oil to light the capital’s streets and whalebone to corset the fashionable men and women who strolled them.
Going back through millennia, man’s quest to hunt the largest mammal on earth witnessed men traversing the globe. Enduring the dangers and hardships of epic voyages, some of which lasted several years, these crews discovered mysterious new lands and people, founding an industry that connected Britain with the South Pacific and America.

Such experiences found an outlet in songs, log book doodles and terrifying engravings of life endangering battles with these vast, beautiful creatures.

Through words, song and film The Kings of the South Seas – together with special guests – invite you to board their ship as it sets sail on a voyage into these extraordinary times.

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