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Tin Men and the Telephone

Unveiling a brand new, fully interactive, immersive show to warm the planet, becoming part of the climate crisis!

Live Show: Gateshead Jazz, Sage Gateshead

Date:  21 March 2020

Forming part of a ground-breaking 3-year project exploring new ways to craft the live experience

“Am I experiencing the future of modern music?” (audience member)

“multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combined to create something fresh and unexpected. … jazz can be fun and profound at the same time…a 21st-century gig The Times *****

“These are skilled musicians who can improvise within any straitjacket imposed by an audience, in a musical equivalent of Whose Line Is It Anyway? “ (The Guardian)



Tin Men and the Telephone go against the grain – they actively encourage their audiences to get their phones out!  Their bespoke, revolutionary smart phone app, ‘Tinmendo’, allows audiences to become a part of their multi-faceted, interactive shows in real time.  It’s hugely engaging and enormous fun.

Through the app, the audience can swipe, shake and text to interact with the band, becoming band members themselves.  They can play games, guide the set, craft rhythms and melodies from which the band improvise.

In 2017, Tin Men and the Telephone were selected to undertake six UK residencies across three years to develop their work further.  Working with some of the UK’s brightest minds from the world of theatre, comedy and tech, they experimented with staging, story lines, technology and audience participation exploring new ways to experience the live show.  In October 2019, Tin Men hosted a residency at Sage Gateshead where they were joined by Annie Rigby, founder of Unfolding Theatre, renowned for making theatre with a wild sense of humour.  Crucially, local audiences joined in and gave their feedback on what they felt worked, and what could be developed further.

Now, five months later, having assimilated all that was learned, Tin Men return to Sage Gatehshead to present their G.R.E.A.T.E.S.T show (aka as ‘Global Relocation of Evolved Apes Towards Exoplanet Suitable for Terraformation’), a brand new, immersive multimedia performance that addresses the very timely topic of climate change.  With a twist.

The climate crisis has escalated and the time has come for humanity to leave planet Earth. You and your fellow audience members are on board a space ship heading towards a newly discovered planet, however, it’s far too cold.  As you travel through space, you must collaborate to warm it up.  So, if you’re still driving your non-electric car, eating too much meat and enjoying last-minute flights to tropical destinations, then you are the perfect candidate for this special mission.

In a return to activism in jazz, futuristic electronic sounds, jazz, hip-hop, drum ‘n bass combine with soundbites from world leaders and other absurd sources.  It’s gloriously off the wall.

Innovative, engaging, funny, challenging, wicked and with great musical depth, this is for those who want to hear and see something new.  Just don’t forget your smartphone!

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