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Tin Men & the Telephone

‘The World Domination Project’

2017 – 2019

Led by pianist and conceptualist, Tony  Roe, Amsterdam based trio, Tin Men and the Telephone employs live electronics, projected visuals, and ground-breaking technology -their innovative smart phone app, Tinmendo – in combination with jazz and improvised music to create a truly unique interactive multimedia experience.   Through the use of their Tinmendo app, they have found ways that allow audiences to become a part of their multi-faceted, hugely engaging, enormously fun interactive shows.

Musically, Tin Men reach beyond their primary sources of inspiration (the rich harmonies of classical music and modern jazz, or the visceral rhythms of hip hop and Balkan traditions) to look for the music in the sounds of everyday life, finding melodies in things that normally go unnoticed such as directions from car navigation devices, ring tones, the abrasive squelch of traffic noise.

Now, in what is thought to be the first project of its kind, Tin Men and the Telephone have been selected to undertake a three-year programme working with six UK partner arts organisations to explore new approaches to the experience of live performance through staging, shaping their performance, using technology and audience participation.  Crucially, audiences themselves will be directly involved in this work.

Having made a name for themselves for their innovative approach, they make the perfect choice to spearhead this process of discovery.

Over three years, Tin Men will work with its partners in six residences working alongside audience participants and invited guest advisors to playfully explore new approaches to the live experience.   The resulting new material and new shows will with then tour in each of the coming three years.

The first residency  was held in October ’17 at Snape Maltings in Suffolk where they were joined by London-based theatre director Owen Lewis who contributed his experience as a comedy writer an dramaturg.  The second residency was hosted by Oxford Contemporary Music  in January 2018 at Oxford Brookes University.  They were joined  by Andrew Sommerville and Jon Cooper, founders of differencEngine, a company specialising in immersive & interactive theatre whilst exploring the boundaries of technology in performance.  Further residencies will be announced for 2018 and 2019

The band’s residency’s  allow time to experiment and explore new ideas for performance – the staging, the technology and participation.  Each includes time with a local audience to share what has been learned during the week.  Having the insight into the creative journey allows these one-off band members to give feedback on what they – the audience – feels will work, and what might be developed further.

Tony Roe, Tin Men’s pianist/co-composer believes “that space to think and to imagine differently is essential for the creative process and to be challenged and inspired by expert advice is invaluable. But for us, it’s equally essential that our audience feeds into this. So, rather than crafting our show ‘behind the scenes’ our live shows are performed with, and not to audiences”.

“a 21st-century gig drawing  their audience into the heart of the gig….  multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combined to create something fresh and unexpected  Roe and his friends were reminding us — in captivating style — that jazz can be fun and profound at the same time.  The Times ***** (Ronnie Scott’s 2017)


Notes to Editors

  • Support for the project has come from Arts Council England and Performing Arts Fund NL, as well as from the partners involved. Tin Men were selected by the Performing Arts Fund NL as one of the leading groups in the Netherlands with the potential to develop an international following through a process of creative R&D.
  • Tin Men and the Telephone are Tony Roe (piano), Pat Cleaver (bass) and Bobby Petrov (drums). Their live show employs live electronics, projected visuals, and ground-breaking technology via a smart phone app, Tinmendo, in combination with jazz and improvised music to create a truly unique interactive multimedia experience. Nominees for the Jazz FM Awards 2016 ‘Digital innovation of the Year’, they reach beyond their primary sources of inspiration – classical music, modern jazz, hip hop and Balkan traditions – to find melody in the sounds of everyday life such as car navigation devices, the squelch of traffic noise or animal sounds.
  • Tinmendo is Tin Men’s revolutionary smartphone app that allows audience members to actively take part in the performances in real time. It allows audiences to vote on what direction the music should take – style, rhythms, tempo, instrumentation – create beats for the band to play around and send messages which are uploaded onto a screen and used as the basis for instant composition and riveting jazz excursions.

Learn more about ‘Tinmendo’

Tin Men with the Metropole Orkest

  • Forthcoming partners & residency hosts over the coming years include Oxford Contemporary Music, Sage Gateshead, Jazzlines / Birmingham Conservatoire and London Jazz Festival/Trinity Laban
  • Production: Third Ear Music. The project is devised and developed with Third Ear Music who have extensive experience in promoting, producing, touring, commissioning and representing new music across the UK and in Europe. The company’s aim is to explore new directions in performance and collaborative projects and to develop new ways of presenting, programming and producing multi-disciplinary events.





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